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Sports Parties 

The Party can take place virtually anywhere the parent chooses. Some of the more popular destinations include, but are not limited to, churches, clubs, parks, schools and houses. Sports Parties has excellent relationships with area clubs and would be more than happy to set up the party for you, if dates and times are available. Birthday parties are for boys and girls ages 6 and up.

Below is a basic description of the parties we have done in the past. Each party is tailored to the specific child so changes or additions are welcomed.

  • First 15 minutes:  Play catch/warm up/wait for people to arrive 
  • Next 15 minutes:  Relay races and break into teams
  • Next hour:  2 - 3 sports (kick ball, dodge ball, baseball, soccer, football, basketball, etc...)
  • Last 30 minutes:  Food and cake (handled by parents - Houston Sports Adventures is done with our part of the party at this time)

The Sports Party Team

The Sports Party Team is made up of 6 amazing professionals and a small support staff. All team members come from a strong sports background, and have extensive experience working with children.


We would be delighted to hold your child's sports party wherever you are around Houston. We serve the following neighborhoods:

  • Houston's Inner Loop
  • North Houston
  • Northeast Houston
  • East Houston
  • Southeast Houston
  • South Houston
  • Southwest/Fort Bend County
  • West Houston
  • Northwest Houston

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